Mille e una notte
Vanity Fair Italy 2 April 2008

interview: Sasha De Medici
translated by me

Envied by all. For a few, at least, this has remained certain. Because she, Yasmin Parvaneh, Simon Le Bon, historic frontman of Duran Duran who during the 1980s was loved by millions of teenagers, really married him. It was 1985, and Yasmin was a young model. He saw her by chance in a photographer's book and fell in love with her upon first sight. And what a sight. Twenty-three years later, with three daughters with unpronounceable names (Tallulah Pine, Amber Rose, and Saffron Sahara), they have remained one of the most durable star couples. We met her in a hotel in London, in Chelsea, where she presented herself in beige, without makeup, natural. And nevertheless beautiful.

Still modelling even in your forties. Is it a caprice of vanity?
I love photography, and it's for that reason that I continue to work at my age. I would have chosen to remain behind the camera if my career hadn't worked out.

And it also has an economic function. But how do you live with the success?
I don't feel like an actress or a celebrity. I have the good luck of being able to choose how to organize my days as I like. They're certainly a bit wild - in England, I know, we have a good relationship.

Do you remain free in your professional choices?
Certainly. It's me who makes decisions about my career. I choose the people I want to work with and, thank God, I've never had to go along with anything that doesn't suit me. I prefer to get involved with situations that seem genuine to me and fight for important causes like those against cancer.

What things do you turn down and what things do you accept?
If they invite me to show up at a premiere at a gala evening, I often say no because I would be anxious. But on a photo set, I'm completely at ease...

Do you manage to stay calm, even at home?
Rarely. And I confess that I need to get away from the family sometimes. With three kids and a husband, it's not easy to find peace; often, I'm not upset that Simon and the band are all on tour... No, no, I'm kidding.

But what do you like to do, aside from work?
I love football.

Including beer, couch, and TV?
(laughs) I really like to play. I love the midfield, but it's not a sport that's well-suited to a mother...

Your marriage is now legendary. It's lasted twenty years. Is there a formula?
I don't know: we're simply happy, in love with each other, and we grew up together. I believe that my parents' example has been a major influence. They were together for 44 years, before my mother died. I've seen them overcome many things, good and bad, and they stayed together. Then, certainly, there's love. Marriage is a team sport, where there's not much room for egoes. And you have to know how to joke around, take things with good humor, and Simon always manages to make me laugh a lot...