Yasmin Le Bon
Marella autumn/winter 1995-1996 catalogue

interview: uncredited
translation: me

After a two year absence, she has returned beneath the bright lights. Yasmin Le Bon, married for nine years to rock star Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, with whom she has three daughters: Amber Rose, five and a half, Saffron, three and a half, and the tiny six month old Tallulah, has taken back on her modeling career. Interview in a photographer's studio, which is because of her return to the modeling scene.

Q: Was it very difficult for you to leave from your children so soon?

A: I had little choice. The majority of women work today, and I am no exception.

Q: But weren't you also a little tired of the domestic routine?

A: Obviously. Taking on an outside activity will do me good. I have stayed with the kids for nearly two years, but now that I have a nanny I am happy to go out a little and talk to people.

Q: Running after a family means being grounded. Today, do you see fashion and the modeling profession in another light?

A: I have always seen them in another light. I got married at the age of 21, it has always remained something more important than fashion in my life.

Q: Do you find it tiring to manage different roles or do you always find time for everything?

A: I never make plans; I act impulsively. I find it wiser to do what I can without setting myself up for the impossible.

Q: When you modeled full-time and went away for fashion shows, how did Amber take it?

A: Well. She understood it. If I was traveling for only a couple of weeks, in the break between Milan and Paris I would make a short visit at home.

Q: Your typical day: can you describe it to me?

A: Everything revolves around the kids. Every day I bring them to school and because they have to be fed and prepared, ready for the car at 8, I have to wake up at 6:30.

Q: Do you live from day to day?

A: I take things as they come. I don't want to make plans to avoid having, as often happens, disappointments. The more you think about what you want to do, the greater chance you have of missing the obvious.

Q: Would you like to continue modeling, or do you hope to do something else?

A: For the moment I'm happy with the way things are, it's a well-paid job and it fits perfectly with my private life. It asks for limited sacrifice, it involves responsibilities that are only exhausting at the moment, nor do they break into the family sphere.

Q: What is the life like of husband and wife who are both involves in activities outside of home? Do you follow Simon on tour and does he come to your fashion shows?

A: Now with the kids, it's more difficult to follow him around. If the band's in Europe, we can meet on weekends; if they're in America, I join him with the kids during vacations. The kids love touring; they think that taking the plane every day and spending every night in a different hotel is normal: they have a lot of fun. When Simon is free he comes to the fashion shows, he likes to see each and every one, it's only a question of time.

Q: Yours and your husband's professions, according to you, do they favor understanding, reciprocal comprehension towards somewhat special lifestyles?

A: Oh yes, I don't think that anyone else could have tolerated Simon's lifestyle and way of working and that only he could have stayed with me when I was working full-time. We have activities that demand a great deal of discipline; we know that when we are committed we really have to give it our all.