Wonderful Yasmin
Luna May 2004

interview: Gioia Carozzi
translated by me

In the 80s, people said that "everybody wanted to either be them, date them, or do their hair." They were Cindy, Linda, Claudia, Christy, top models who wouldn't wake up for less than $10,000 a day. Unique women, masters of perfection, famous to the point of making their surnames unnecessary. With one exception: from December 27, 1985 on, one of them was forever known by her surname. This is Yasmin, that was the day of her marriage and her husband was Simon Le Bon. Idol, sex symbol, and at the time still the lead singer (above all, still thin) of Duran Duran. One year before he was struck by the wet and soapy face of Yasmin on the cover of a magazine. One hour later, he invited her to dinner.

"He called me nonstop until the day I agreed to go out with him," Yasmin said to LUNA, "and instead of a dinner he took me to the premiere of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It was love at first sight." Since then, almost 20 years and 4 episodes of Indiana Jones have passed. Today, Yasmin has three daughters: Amber, 15 years old, Saffron, 13, and Tallulah, 10. "Will they do my job? They cannot decide for themselves. It's the fashion world that chooses you, not the other way around. At the moment I'm starting to make them tough. It's not easy to grow up with two parents like us and they have to learn how to stand on their own two feet," said the top model who, unlike her husband, has not gained an ounce. "But it's not true. I have changed. Since my third pregnancy, for example, I can't suck in my ribcage anymore (?)," she exclaimed, clutching an enviably perfect chest.

But what else is it that Mrs. Le Bon will have to do to maintain a figure that only three years ago allowed her to wear a micro bikini in ads for Marks & Spencer? "Obviously, I do something. I get up at 6:45 every morning, take the youngest to school, do the shopping, do the cooking, do the washing, do the ironing, listen to my teenage girls' problems. All the remaining time I dedicate to my husband. I almost forgot, I practice martial arts and I eat everything. Especially in the kitchen I don't make myself miss out on anything..."