Girl On Film: Yasmin Le Bon
Harper's Bazaar Thailand April 2017

translated by Google and edited by me

Supermodel forever and 1980's icon opens up to Bazaar about life as a model working in the fashion industry and the future

Harper's Bazaar: What's the best part of being a model?

Yasmin Le Bon: Traveling without much responsibility is great. I like working with people all the time because it makes me feel active and inspired.

HB: From your thoughts and experiences, how is fashion in the '80s different than today?

YLB: In the '80s people looked old!! Even teens still looked old! I think fashion today is fabulous, with beautiful clothes that everyone can wear, regardless of age. Before there weren't a lot of options, if not Azzedine Alaïa, Levi's, Comme des Garçons or Yohji Yamamoto, I'm not sure what else.

HB: What about modeling? How are the two eras different?

YLB: I must say I'm glad to have worked as a model in the '80s. It was just a small business. We all knew each other and formed so many friendships. That means it must have been fun. But because there were no digital cameras back then, we are happy to say that the image will come out. Models must have their own expertise and knowledge. You will bring everything together. Oh God, the shows before were so much fun! If you've seen Iman, Dalma, and Pat Cleveland spinning on the runway in a gigantic flared skirt, you'll understand what I mean, we laughed, we smiled, and rotated 360 degrees. We stripped the jacket off and put it back on! It was crazy at the time. In the shows now, the model will have only two looks, but in the '80s you had 7-8 looks. I like it a lot. We used to be like a gang, but it's cute.

HB: Your daughter Amber followed you to the modeling world. What advice would you give her to be successful? And what is your biggest concern with this path?

YLB: I didn't let Amber know about this job until she graduated high school because I don't think it's necessary to start at such a young age. This is an adult industry and the moment you were a kid wasn't long ago. I'm not worried about my kids in this industry. She is smart and not sensitive to anything. She knows where the true value of life lies and what it takes to be truly successful. She has a beautiful and strong heart and knows how to use her features to their best advantage. Fortunately, we can talk about it, because modeling is a strange career. It's not something you can talk about with anyone except other models.

HB: You still look pretty chic. Can you share your personal style with us?

YLB: Believe me, I'm not beautiful or have that kind of sharp style. I'm really quite shy, so I have to show off and look sexy. It's the easiest way to express myself. I believe that fashion is a form of identity and always will be, so it's necessary, indispensable.

HB: What are some beauty tips that help you look younger?

YLB: Laughter with wine! And try not to go out in the sun.

HB: You are married to Simon Le Bon, the hot guy from Duran Duran. What is your favorite of their songs?

YLB: There are so many songs! It's like asking me to choose a favorite child ... I can't choose. I listen to the music of many bands, but now I'm obsessed with the extra track in the Deluxe edition of their latest album Paper Gods called "Valentine Stones". I love that song very much!

HB: Does he ever write songs for you or sing to you?

YLB: I must say... he sings all the time, it's very noisy in the house!!

HB: What are the secrets to a long marriage?

YLB: It's because he's off on tour... ha! It's true, sometimes we all need personal space to be away from each other, it's an important factor. Another thing is joking around, it's very funny. And laughter is the most important reason.

HB: How is your family life at home?

YLB: Turbulent.

HB: Have you ever been to Thailand?

YLB: Thailand is where I fell hopelessly in love with the people, the culture, the landscape, and the food. I have to come back ... soon!!

HB: What are your plans for the future?

YLB: Stop thinking and do more!!!!

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