Yasmin Le Bon
Eurowoman April 2004

translated by Christina

My height: 175 cm.
My eye color: Brown.
My birthday: October 29.
My favourite color: I don't have one, it changes everyday. When that is said, I am pretty crazy about orange.
My favourite food: Persian food.
My favourite music: I listen to all kinds of music. I need to, because I don't want to limit myself.
My favourite book: "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf.
My favourite movie: "Burnt by the sun" by Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov.
My favourite flower: Rose and peony.
My worst habbit: I curse, and I am good at it.
My hobbies: Chu sai lei wing chun – a Chinese martial art – and meditation art.
My best friend: My husband Simon.
My style icon: Bruce Lee.
My own style: I cultivate my own style.
If I was an accessory, I would be: A colourful scarf or a pair of big sunglasses.
My favourite clothes: A long black second-hand dress, which I always have fun in.
My relationship with perfume: Intimate and lifelong.
My first perfume: Kiku by Fabergé.
My favourite memory of perfume: The smell of jasmine by sunset in Tehran, when the gardens have been watered.
My favourite smell: Fleurs de la Forêt by Jo Malone.
My perfume routine: I just put it all over.
My best beauty product: I can't live without a good moisturizer for the face and body.
The first thing I do in the morning: I pee – what do you do?
I would never leave home without: My keys.
My best beauty tip: Have fun – and feel sexy.
The last time I danced on the tables: Recently – last summer in Ibiza.
The sexiest man in the world: That has to be my husband.