I Married Simon Le Bon
Dolly late 1986

translated by Liliana

He is jealous, vain but he is above all loving. In a word, he is a very special fellow.

She, Yasmin Le Bon, has been successful (in marrying Simon). Do you remember I will marry Simon Le Bon, a diary-book written by an Italian fan "deeply madly in love with Duran Duran"? well.... For the author's book, Glizia Gurrado, to be Mrs Le Bon has remained only an impossible dream, on the contrary on December 27, 1985, Yasmin, leaving thousands of broken hearts, got married to Simon Le Bon and they both pronounced that fateful, envious "yes." Now that a whole year has passed since that "historic" date, Dolly has had to ask Yasmin herself to tell about his private marital life with Simon for all the Duranettes.

"Well, first of all I dare say it seems to be unreal that Simon and I have been married for so long. I have still in mind our wedding day, I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was so excited and Simon too even if he tried to hide it.

"You know, Simon has a very sweet temperament, he is able to show great affection, but... he feels ashamed to show it. Thank God when we are alone he leaves himself open to feelings and spontaneity, and this way he is absolutely adorable.

"I will confess to you something I have never told anyone, even to Simon: when the modelling agency I worked for advised me that Simon Le Bon had asked to meet me after having seen one of my photos on a fashion magazine, I started laughing. I didn't understand why such a famous VIP, one who certainly could have all the women he wanted, got so excited over only for a photo. At the beginning I suspected that a friend was trying to play a joke on me... also because I had never been a Duran Duran fan. But after having met Simon personally, I couldn't help but becoming struck. He is a very romantic guy, a dreamer. We met and he told me he fell in love at first sight. I didn't want to believe him! I fell in love with him little by little and I have been conquered especially by his kind-heartedness, by his way of feeling affection and giving protection to someone.

"Of course, now I know him better than anyone else, I have begun to find out his defects as well. For example, he is very vain: he cares about his physical appearance so much, even too much for me! He is always worried about putting on weight, and I pull Simon's leg when I see him on the scale three times a day in order to control his weight. But I know that image is very important to him: even if sometimes, when I see some photos where my Simon is so elegant and well-groomed, I start thinking I prefer him how he looks in the morning when he's just woken up, ruffled and with his swollen eyes. He is so sweet at those moments!

"It's a shame we don't have time to spend together in order to enjoy our beautiful house in London: perhaps in 15 months we will have remained there 30 days! He is always around the world in order to work or to go sailing. And I have my engagements as a top model, too. He would prefer it if I didn't work, that I always stay at home to wait for him. But I want to keep on going with my career. Is he jealous? Of course he is, even if he tries not to let me know it! I'm a bit jealous, too, but I don't have any problems in admitting it. It's natural this way.

"Anyway... there is a great confidence between us: we know we love each other so much. Of course, we have had some difficult moments like couples have, but we have overcome them. For instance, when we lost the baby I was expecting a couple of months ago, we experienced a lot of pain. But Simon helped me a lot in that circumstance. We will have children, of course, when Simon has more free time to see them grow up. Now he is so busy with his band. We think of our future a lot, it is the most important thing for us. And if a girl is, like me, lucky enough to have a wonderful man like Simon on her side, she can certainly understand me."