This Month's Cover Girl
Cosmopolitan US September 1990

interview: Lisa Simmons

BIRTH DATE: October 29, 1964

FIGURE FACTS: "I'm not really sure how much I weigh - I don't own a scale - but I do know I'm five nine, which is tiny compared to other models these days. I swear, some of those girls look like they could be on hormones!"

HER SLOW RISE: "In school, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, so I really panicked when I got out - I mean, I had no job, wasn't going to university. Anyway, all my life, people had told me I should be a model, so I decided to visit Models One, my agency here in London. I was working right away but couldn't get covers - at least not in the States. I'm a mongrel - my dad's Persian, my mom's English - which was not very 'in' when I started out.  Now, thank God, editors and advertisers are more open. It's okay to look of mixed origin or just plain ethnic."

ROCK WIFE: "My husband, Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, saw a picture of me in a photographer's portfolio, then contacted me through another model. I met him when I was nineteen but took one look at him and knew we'd spend the rest of our lives together. I think a girl can always tell when a man's the one. We've been husband and wife now for four and a half years, and sometimes I feel like we're some old married couple - but we still have our teeth and hair! As for the groupies, there's always going to be women who want to jump into his pants, but I really can't worry about that. It's the only way to stay sane."

MODEL MOM: "I've never had a strong desire for kids, but Simon and I love each other so much that starting a family seemed to make the most sense. It took a few tries - I had a couple of miscarriages before I finally got pregnant with Amber, who's now ten and a half months. She hasn't changed my life - at least not drastically. And I can't believe how much I adore the little thing! She laughs, yabbers away the whole day long! I never hired a nanny. Instead, Simon's mum has come to live with us. As for my figure, I've tried not to get paranoid about the weight gain. I'm just selling the big-hipped, flat-chested look for now."