*starred issues also contain Yasmin in editorial(s).


date/issue number photographer notes
Girl About Town UK December 12, 1983    
Ms. London UK February 22, 1984 Martin Brading  
Just Seventeen UK March 22, 1984 Sam Brown
Good Housekeeping* UK April 1984 Nick Briggs  
Harpers & Queen UK April 1984 Clive Arrowsmith  
Look Now* UK April 1984 Chris Grout-Smith  
Girl About Town UK April 22, 1984    
Over 21 UK June 1984
Look Now UK August 1984 Richard Imrie
Amateur Photographer UK September 22, 1984    
Amica speciale* Italy November 13, 1984 Antonio Guccione  
Anna Italy November 24, 1984 Guarnerio
Elle France Dec. 10, 1984 #2031 Oliviero Toscani with Christophe Lambert, Ashley Richardson, Julie Wolfe, and Tatjana Patitz
Grazia Italy January 13, 1985 Stefano Massimo  
Pingouin Créateurs* Germany spr/sum 1985 Marc Hispard sewing magazine
Linea Italy May 1985 Denis Malerbi  
Elle* France May 20, 1985 Gilles Bensimon  
Elle* France May 27, 1985 Silverstein  
Zeina Lebanon 1985? Silverstein  
Vogue Sposa Italy June 1985 Arthur Elgort  
Hayat Turkey July 1985 André Rau  
Woman UK July 10, 1985    
Vogue Italy Jul/Aug 1985 #425 Hiro  
Woman UK July 20, 1985
Dunia Spain July 24, 1985 Gilles Bensimon  
Vogue* UK September 1985 Patrick Demarchelier  
Elle* US September 1985 Gilles Bensimon premiere issue
Elle France September 2, 1985 Lothar Schmid  
Elle France September 9, 1985 Gilles Tapie  
Amica bis Italy October 24, 1985 Oliviero Toscani similar to Elle FR 10 Dec 84
Joepie Belgium October 27, 1985 with Simon
Elle* UK November 1985 Gilles Tapie premiere issue
Elle France December 2, 1985 Gilles Bensimon  
Sunday Magazine* UK December 15, 1985 Richard Young supplement to "News of the World"
Sunday Times Magazine UK January 5, 1986 Serge Krouglikoff  
Stern Germany January 30, 1986 Serge Krouglikoff identical to STM 1/5/86
Tatler* UK February 1986 David Bailey  
Smash Hits* Australia March 24, 1986 Gilles Bensimon with Simon
Hey* Turkey ? 1986 Gilles Bensimon identical to Smash Hits 24 Mar 86
Para Ti Argentina April 28, 1986 Gillles Bensimon resembles Elle France 12/2/85
Ciao 2001* Italy May 1986 candid with Simon
Woman* UK May 24, 1986
Debby Italy #8 1986 Gilles Bensimon identical to Smash Hits 24 Mar 86
Intimité France August 1-7 1986
Harper's Bazaar Germany October 1986 Tony McGee
The Face* UK November 1986 Tony McGee  
Cosmopolitan* UK November 1986 Robert Erdmann  
Harpers & Queen UK November 1986 Ian Thomas  
British Journal of Photography UK 1987 Peter Lindbergh photo is from Sportmax ad
Cosmopolitan France January 1987 Robert Erdmann
Lei Italy February 1987 Steven Meisel  
L. A. Style US March 1987 Raùl Vega  
Moda Italy March 1987 Francesco Scavullo  
Bride's US April/May 1987 Paul Lange  
Elle France April 27, 1987 Marc Hispard
Moda* Italy May 1987 Francesco Scavullo  
Grazia* Italy May 3, 1987
Figurino Moderno Brazil ? 1987
Elle France June 1, 1987 Marc Hispard  
Elle Spain July 1987 Gilles Bensimon  
Look Now UK July 1987 Serge Krouglikoff  
Town & Country US August 1987 Jerry Salvati  
Vogue* UK August 1987 Patrick Demarchelier  
L. A. Style US September 1987 Alberto Tolot  
You Magazine UK September 27, 1987 Greg Gorman supplement to the Sunday Mail
Elle France September 28, 1987 Marc Hispard  
Gente Viaggi Italy October 10, 1987 Gilles Bensimon
Grazia Italy November 1, 1987
Mujer Spain 17 September 1987   identical to Grazia 3 May 1987
W US December 14-21, 1987   candid photo
L'Année de la mode France 1988   book
L'Officiel France February 1988 Mark Arbeit  
Petra Germany February 1988 Walter Chin  
Vogue Italy February 1988 #455 Steven Klein  
Vogue* Paris March 1988 Arthur Elgort
Harrods Magazine* UK spring 1988 Gilles Bensimon  
Vogue Italy April 1988 #457 Albert Watson  
Anna Italy May 20, 1988  
Visage* UK #7 1988 Stevie Hughes supplement to You magazine & The Mail On Sundays
Elle China autumn/winter 1988 Wayne Stambler  
Forum Germany September 1988 (#5) J. J. Castres  photo is from Guerlain ad
Vogue Spain September 1988 Paco Navarro  
Avenue* Netherlands November 1988 Martin Brading
7 Days US November 23, 1988   catwalk magazine, issued in NYC
Company UK December 1988 Stevie Hughes  
Harpers & Queen UK December 1988 Barry Lategan  
Elle US December 1988 Gilles Bensimon  
Sunday Express UK December 8, 1988
Vogue Germany January 1989 Axel Siebmann catwalk cover
Elle France January 16, 1989 Gilles Bensimon resembles US Elle 12/88
Elle UK February 1989 Gilles Bensimon resembles US Elle 12/88
Great Universal UK spr/sum 1989
Buenhogar Mexico year 24, #17 (8/15/89)   cover resembles Anna 5/20/88
Hello!* UK September 9, 1989 Eamonn J. McCabe Amber's birth
Novella 2000* Italy September 23, 1989    
Hitkrant Netherlands September 30, 1989 Eamonn J. McCabe Amber's birth
Elle Sweden October 1989 Gilles Bensimon resembles US Elle 12/88
Hello!* UK October 28, 1989   small corner pic; on her return to the runway
Tatler UK Dec 1989/Jan 1990 Terry O'Neill  
Sunday Express Magazine UK December 3, 1989 Victor Yuan supplement to the Sunday Express
Hello!* UK January 6, 1990 Joan Swannell Amber's first Christmas
Amica Italy January 22, 1990 Heribert Brehm  
Elle* US February 1990 Gilles Bensimon  
Glamour* France February 1990 Tiziano Magni with Gail Elliott and Christy Turlington
Amore* Italy March 1, 1990 Eamonn J. McCabe with Simon and Amber
Novella 2000* Italy March 3, 1990
Marie Claire* Italy April 1990 Eamonn J. McCabe  
Harpers & Queen* UK May 1990 Avi Meroz  
Marie Claire* Italy June 1990 Eamonn J. McCabe  
Elle Japan July 1990  
Cosmopolitan US September 1990 Francesco Scavullo  
Marie Claire bis France, Japan winter 1990/1991 Jacques Olivar  
Elle* US October 1990 Gilles Bensimon  
Marie Claire* Italy October 1990 Robert Erdmann  
Elle* UK November 1990 Robert Erdmann 5th anniversary issue
Bisuteria & regalo Spain #12 1990   Grossé Bijoux advertorial
Elle* Germany December 1990 Nadir  
Vogue* Germany December 1990 Robert Erdmann  
Grazia* Italy December 23, 1990 Stefano Massimo  
Cosmopolitan Spain January 1991 Francesco Scavullo resembles US Cosmo 9/90
Marie Claire UK January 1991 Eamonn J. McCabe  
Elle Greece early 1991? Nadir identical to Elle Germany 12/90
Elle* US February 1991 Gilles Bensimon  
Grazia Italy February 10, 1991 Stefano Massimo  
Yes Netherlands February 17, 1991
Elle France February 25, 1991 Gilles Bensimon  
Elle* Italy March 1991 Gilles Bensimon  
Moda In Italy April 1991   runway report magazine
Cosmopolitan Italy April 1991 Francesco Scavullo resembles US Cosmo 9/90
Woman* UK April 8, 1991 uncredited small corner photo
The Magazine* UK June 1991 Keith Henderson
Vogue Mexico June 1991 Fernando León
Marie Claire France August 1991 Sacha resembles MC Brazil 3/91
Hello!* UK August 10, 1991 Les Wilson in the Malaysian rainforest
Marie Claire Japan September 1991 Sacha resembles MC Brazil 3/91
Hello!* UK October 26, 1991 Julian Broad Saffron's birth
Good Housekeeping* UK November 1991 Chris Craymer  
Marie Claire* Germany December 1991 Robert Erdmann with Amber
W US December 16, 1991 J. R. Duran  
Marie Claire Brazil March 1992 (#12) Sacha
Hair* UK April/May 1992 Grant Sainsbury  
Moda In Italy May 1992   runway report magazine
People* UK May 3-9, 1992 John Swannell television listings magazine
Cosmopolitan Germany August 1992 Kristian Wagner  
Hia* Saudi Arabia September 1992
Novedades Spain September 1992   El Corte Inglés ad feature
Sayidaty Saudi Arabia September 13, 1992    
Belleza y moda Spain October 1992 #271 Stefano Massimo  
Marie Claire Argentina November 1992 Eamonn J. McCabe resembles Italian MC 4/90
Marie Claire bis France
spr/sum 1993 Jacques Olivar  
Marie Claire* Germany May 1993 Robert Erdmann  
Vegetarian Living UK June 1993 David Woolley with Amber
Marie Claire UK August 1993 Mark Liddell  
The Evening Standard Magazine UK August 1993 Eamonn J. McCabe with newborn daughter Amber (from 1989)
Marie Claire Italy September 1993 Tiziano Magni  
Fashion Italy October 22, 1993   catwalk magazine
Elle* France November 8, 1993 Marc Hispard  
Harpers & Queen UK January 1994 Regan Cameron  
Daily Mirror "Woman" supplement* UK February 2, 1994 Nikki English with Amber
Marie Claire UK spring/summer 1994    
Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong March 1994   catwalk photo at Montana
Marie Claire UK March 1994 Mark Liddell  
Marie Claire Spain April 1994 Robert Erdmann identical to MC Germany 5/93
Tendance France May 1994
Belleza y moda Spain no. 2 1995 Stefano Massimo  
Saab Magazine* UK no. 2 1995 Ken Sharp  
Elle* UK November 1995 André Rau 10th anniversary issue: Yasmin guest editor
Elle Greece December 1995 André Rau identical to Elle UK 11/95
Hello!* UK spr/sum 1996 Jesus Carrero fashion special
Harpers & Queen UK August 1996 Eamonn J. McCabe  
Cosmopolitan UK November 1996 Kip Meyer  
Marie Claire Germany December 1996 Julian Broad with Saffron
Marie Claire* Spain March 1997 Julian Broad with her 3 daughters
Mondo Uomo* Italy March/April 1997 Mark Liddell men's magazine
Hello!* UK October 4, 1997 Jonathan Bookallil in Gail Elliott's wedding
Red* UK January 1998 Julian Marshall special bite-size issue
OK! UK January 9, 1998
Cosmopolitan France May 1998 Lothar Schmid  
Irish Tatler* Ireland May 1998 Anthony Edwin  
WM* Wales summer 1998 pic is of Chanel ad
New Woman* US June 1998 Arthur Belebeau  
M & S Magazine* UK winter 1998 Tim Evan Cook  
Red* UK December 1998 Paul Westlake  
GAT UK June 7, 1999 uncredited Next promotional
Vital Germany July 1999 Arthur Belebeau
Red UK September 1999 Troy Word  
Pink Ribbon* UK 1999 Helena Christensen with Naomi Campbell
Viva Germany December 1999
Elle Australia December 1999 André Rau with her 3 daughters
Red UK February 2000 William Garrett
Elle Australia September 2000 James Houston
Elle Decor* Australia September 2000 Stefano Massimo sold only with the above issue
Red* UK March 2001 Lionel Guyou
Harpers & Queen* UK May 2001 Jonathan Glynn Smith  
Red UK special issue (May-June 2001) uncredited distributed only at Superdrug stores with an Oil of Olay skincare purchase
Autowoman* Ireland autumn 2001 Camera Press Ireland  
Red* UK October 2001 Doug Ordway
You* Ireland February 24, 2002 Paul White supplement to The Mail On Sunday
Harpers & Queen 100 Best Dressed Supplement* UK May 2002 Dominic O'Neill Yasmin is #6
You* Ireland January 26, 2003 Thomas Schenk supplement to The Mail On Sunday
Red* UK February 2003 Joseph Montezinos with Gail and Cindy
Ladies First UK June-August 2003 Thomas Schenk regional magazine
Donna Moderna Italy June 18, 2003 Arthur Belebeau
Irish Times Magazine* Ireland August 23, 2003 Barry McCall  
You* Ireland January 11, 2004 Tesh supplement to The Mail On Sunday
Eurowoman* Denmark April 2004 René Dupont
Luna* Italy May 2004 Andrew Soule
Vanity Fair* Italy May 6, 2004 David Bailey with Tereza Maxova, Eva Riccobono, Eugenia Silva, Talitha, and Giorgio Armani
Starbene Italy September 2004 Arthur Belebeau
Hello!* UK September 21, 2004 Kip Carroll with Simon, at Lisa B's wedding
Delicious Living US October 2004 Joseph Montezinos  
Elle Bloomingdale's supplement* US October 2005 Gilles Bensimon only distributed with select Bloomingdale's catalogues
Pacha* Spain July 2006 Robert Astley-Sparke  
Prestige* Hong Kong July 2006 Nicole Nodland  
Madame Figaro* Taiwan December 2006 Liang Su  
SCMP Style* Hong Kong January 2007 Harlim Djauhar Winata supplement to South China Morning Post
Telva* Spain January 2007 Gonzalo Machado  
Tatler* Ireland March 2007 Barry McCall  
View of the Times* Spain spring/summer 2007 #5 Simon Harris  
Red* UK June 2007 David Gubert  
Vogue* UK July 2007 Patrick Demarchelier with Cecilia Chancellor, Lily Cole, Elizabeth Jagger, Marie Helvin, Erin O'Connor, and Jacquetta Wheeler
Stella* UK September 16, 2007 Jean-François Carly supplement to the Sunday Telegraph
Vogue Gioiello* Italy January/February 2008 Ali Mahdavi  
Saturday Magazine UK May 10, 2008 Robert Erdmann supplement to The Independent; House of Fraser ad image
Red* UK June 2008 Coliena Rentmeester  
DV Mode* Sweden summer 2008 Eric Broms  
House of Fraser* UK autumn/winter 2008 Lionel Guyou  
Henna* UK winter 2008 Diego Diaz  
i-D* UK March 2009 Sölve Sundsbö one of a series of model covers celebrating "The Best of British"
Wonderland* UK April/May 2009 Simon Thiselton  
L'Officiel* NL September 2009 Philip Riches  
Easy Living* UK October 2009 John-Paul Pietrus  
Red* UK January 2010 Patric Shaw  
Calumet Focus UK spring 2010 Christopher Bissell  
Spectrum* UK 21 March 2010 John-Paul Pietrus supplement to Scotland on Sunday
Stylist* UK 24 March 2010 Jonty Davies  
Yorkshire Living UK May 2010 John-Paul Pietrus  
D* Italy 8 May 2010 #693 Julian Broad supplement to La Reppublica
bmm* Italy #25 (autumn 2010) Arnaud Pyvka  
Harper's Bazaar supplement* UK January 2011 Luis Ridao travel supplement
Image* Ireland April 2011 Nicky Emmerson  
WestEast* Hong Kong spring 2011 MoDa's Touch  
Sur la Terre* Middle East issue #14 (May 2011) MoDa's Touch similar to WestEast spring 2011
S Australia 8 May 2011 Marco del Grande supplement to the Sydney Sun Herald
Telva* Spain July 2011 Marcin Tyszka  
Emirates Woman* UAE September 2011 Julian Hargreaves  
L'Officiel Maroc* Morocco October 2011 Julian Hargreaves  
Country & Town House* UK December 2011 Kate Martin  
Harper's Bazaar* UK December 2011 Jonas Åkerlund with Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Eva Herzigova
Harper's Bazaar* Greece December 2011 Jonas Åkerlund same as HB UK 12/11
Harper's Bazaar* Kazakhstan December 2011/January 2012 Jonas Åkerlund same as HB UK 12/11
Harper's Bazaar* Mexico January 2012 Jonas Åkerlund same as HB UK 12/11
Healthy* UK January/February 2012 Ian Harrison 1 of a series of 3 covers with other women
Harper's Bazaar* en español February 2012 Jonas Åkerlund same as HB UK 12/11
Harper's Bazaar* Thailand February 2012 Jonas Åkerlund same as HB UK 12/11
Kee Hong Kong March 2012   image from Stéphane Rolland show
Ulster Tatler Ireland March 2012 Conor Horgan  
Easy Living* UK April 2012 Sean Gleason  
Playing Fashion* Ukraine April 2012 Robert Harper  
Marie Claire* Russia November 2012 Alan Gelati  
Corduroy* Canada issue 10 Peter Ash Lee one of a series of 10 model covers
Monsoon* UK spring 2013 Anders Overgaard  
Prestige International* France spring 2013 MoDa's Touch same as WestEast spring 2011
Hello!* Middle East 26 March 2013 Anders Overgaard with daughter Amber
Harper's Bazaar* España May 2013 Nico Bustos one of a series of 5 model covers
Monsoon* UK summer 2013 Anders Overgaard  
S Moda* Spain 24 August 2013 Alan Gelati  
The Times Magazine* UK 24 August 2013 Andrew Woffinden supplement to the Saturday London Times
Elle* Spain October 2013 Xavi Gordo special subscriber's only cover also printed
Red* UK November 2013 Jonty Davies subscriber's and special edition covers also printed
Clique* UK issue 3 (March 2014) Ian Harrison same as Healthy Jan/Feb 2012
Bodyfit (supplement)* UK September 2014 Ian Derry Speedo advertorial
Unger Germany autumn 2014   with daughter Amber
The National (supplement)* UAE 8 October 2014 Antonie Robertson cover of Arts & Life supplement
Åhléns* Sweden fall 2014 Hasse Nielsen fall beauty magazine
Red* UK July 2015 David Gubert special subscriber's only cover also printed
Stylist* Arabia 15 September 2015 Antonio Petronzio with Mary Katrantzou
The Mayfair Magazine UK October 2015 David Downton  
#Legend* Hong Kong April 2016 Robert Astley-Sparke with Simon
Madame Figaro* France 17 June 2016 John-Paul Pietrus  
Star Chic* Ireland 10 September 2016   Debenhams promo; supplement to the Irish Daily Star