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Peter Lindbergh, one of the masters of black and white photography, shot some of his earliest fashion editorial photos with Yasmin for Italian, French, and UK Vogue, as well as for Sportmax, in the mid to late 1980's.  He also photographed her for three years in campaigns for Loewe, producing an indelible series of images rich in glamour and nostalgia.  In 2015, Lindbergh shot Yasmin for the first time since 1991 for the spring/summer 2016 Giorgio Armani New Normal campaign.

Italian Vogue January 1985

Italian Vogue June 1985

Vogue UK August 1985

Sportmax campaign autumn/winter 1985

New York Times Magazine 25 August 1985

Sportmax campaign spring/summer 1986

Vogue UK August 1986

Italian Vogue December 1986

Italian Vogue February 1987

Loewe campaign, autumn/winter 1987

Vogue UK October 1987

Vogue US December 1987

Vogue UK February 1988

Loewe campaign, spring/summer 1988

Loewe fragrance campaign, spring 1988

Loewe campaign, autumn/winter 1988

Telva September 1988 (Loewe advertorial)

Loewe campaign, spring/summer 1989

Loewe campaign, autumn/winter 1990

video - Yasmin being shot by Lindbergh for the autumn/winter 1990 Loewe campaign

Marie Claire Brazil ? 1990 (Loewe advertorial)

Loewe campaign, spring/summer 1991

Loewe campaign, autumn/winter 1991

Giorgio Armani New Normal campaign, spring/summer 2016