Le Bon Life
Who 28 February 2000

interview: Simone Casey


"Allow yourself to be loved," says model Yasmin Le Bon, who has been married for 14 years to Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon.  "If I look any good, it's down to him.  I'm not a war-weary wife, I'm an incredibly loved person, and that's the key."

A leading international model since 1985, Le Bon, 35, stalked through the Melbourne Fashion Festival last week as the new face for the Jacqui E fashion chain.  Sultry in a hot-pink silk ball skirt and top minutes after the Feb. 15 show, Le Bon says the glamour life is a far cry from her favourite dressed-down role, as mother to Amber, 10, Saffron, 8, and Tallulah, 5.  "I look atrocious most of the time.  My kids at one point tried in the most subtle way to ask me to ask me to put some make-up on in the morning," groans London-based Le Bon.  "Often people look at me at supermarkets and I say, 'I know, you're disappointed.'"

The licorice-stick-thin Azzedine Alaļa fan gave up daily jogs two years ago - "I just didn't have enough time" - but is shopping around for a running machine.  Hitting her mid-30s means "I can't take things for granted.  I really have to take care of myself a lot more."  She balances her chocolate fetish with loads of water, but "the most important thing is to thank your lucky stars every day for everything.  I tell my daughters even if you have to force yourself to be nice, do it, then at the end of the day you become nice.  You'll be happy and never feel let down."