Mama Is the Star
Vogue Germany November 2000

author: Ingeborg Harms
translation: unknown



"Being a model is not your choice", Yasmin Le Bon says, "this profession chooses you." At the age of 17 she wanted to become a race-car driver and wanted to finance this expensive sport with fashion shootings. But what started off as a side business became soon a rapid career rise. The beauty with the long limb structure and her British-oriental ancestors' look had become one of the demanded top models - Yasmin Pavaneh worked for Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Calvin Klein and Azzedine Alaia, appeared on covers of Vogue and on many other magazines.

In 1986 Simon Le Bon saw her picture in a photographer's collection - a discovery which should influence both of their lives in a decisive way. The singer of the pop cult band Duran Duran was wild and fearless like Yasmin, who maintained her sportive athletic temper. She agreed to a date and fairly soon later they exchanged rings. The wedding took place after the day of engagement. "Simon was on the phone all night and invited people," the bride remembers, who is as convincing as a model with a rock-chic outfit as in soignée elegance.

As she is known for her concentration capabilities in occupational stress moments, she never lost her private targets over that jet set society.

Instead of getting hooked by the luxury she started a family. In 1989 Amber was born, two years later Yasmin gave birth to Saffron and in 1994 she had Tallulah. Yasmin has not given up her profession because of her daughters. The opposite happened. She was one of the first women to be successful in combining the demanding tough tasks of a model existence, and the total different strains of pregnancy and children are up bringing.

And although her dream female figure had returned after discipline and caviar loosened diet, she never kept her side of motherhood out of the picture.

In 1991 she allowed to have nude pictures taken for an environmental movement called: "Friends of the Earth" at six months pregnant: "For me one of the most beautiful stages a woman can be in." The family got used to Yasmin not always being around. Although Simon fails in the household like loading the dishwasher, the former bad boy likes to pick up his daughters from school.

In the common house in southwest London the powers are equally shared. The lively couple likes to have a decent daily discussion: "We really love it and ten minutes later we lie in each others arms and laugh together."

The 35-year-old has kept her formula 1 talent: "I am and remain a hot blooded, intolerant person," she claims, "and when I once lose control, my mood can be terrible."

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