Rites of Beauty: Yasmin Le Bon
The Telegraph 29 July 2012

interview: Sonia Juttla


I grew up around beauty. My grandmother was gorgeous, with amazing bone structure and a face you never tired of looking at. My mother was an Avon lady, as were a lot of people's mums at the time. I was born in a generation where Avon played a crucial part in getting women back to work, and it certainly helped my mother feel as if she was in control of her life again. She was a tremendously beautiful woman with a fabulously organised make-up drawer - I particularly remember the old-fashioned, almost powdery smell of a Lancôme lipstick call Bois de Rose. She let me play with her make-up, but I was always careful. I would try the lipsticks and eyeshadows and consequently could do a full face of make-up from a young age. I've always thought there's a real meditation in applying make-up. As you put it on you prepare for your day. It's that little bit of time to think how you want to present yourself to the world.