I'll Lose 250,000 To See My Baby Safe
Sun Woman 20 April 1989

interview: Louise Gannon and Rick Sky


I just can't risk working, says Yasmin Le Bon

Stunning model Yasmin Le Bon, haunted by the tragic memories of two miscarriages, is giving up 250,000 to make sure the baby she is carrying arrives safely.  The catwalk queen, who is married to Duran Duran heart-throb Simon Le Bon, has called a halt to all her lucrative modelling engagements until after the child's birth.

"There are some things that are much more important than money," says raven-haired Yasmin, 23.  "During my two previous pregnancies I continued working, but this time I don't want to take any risks.  Simon and I are determined that nothing will go wrong this time.  I've been pregnant for four-and-a half months so I'm hoping the most dangerous time is over.  In a month's time I'll feel blissfully happy because I think I will be safe by then.  I don't care if it's a boy or a girl as long as it's healthy.

"Simon and I have had two disappointments before so we don't want to work ourselves up.  We just take things from day to day.  When you are pregnant you have a good deal of mental control over your body, so I am trying to think as positively as possible.  I think a lot to do with the health of the baby is controlled by the mother's mind.  There is a very strong link between the two."

Yasmin reckons being pregnant can be one of the sexiest times in your life.  Wearing a figure-hugging wrap-around dress, she says, "Paula Yates thinks that being pregnant is sexy and I agree.  Your body changes shape.  Mine is much curvier.  My boobs have never been so big - they've really blossomed out!  For the first time in my life I've been able to fill a size 32in bra."

Last year, brave Yasmin, who commands up to 4,000 for just one modelling assignment, took part in a top fashion show only days after she miscarried for the second time.  She was five months pregnant.  Her first miscarriage was in 1986.

Speaking at the launching of her husband's British tour at London's new Docklands Arena, Yasmin says: "I don't miss modelling at all.  It is a very hectic life and I don't want that for the time being.  I'm enjoying doing all the domestic jobs that nobody normally gets round to doing.  Because I've had so much time I've been looking at all the rooms thinking about all the things that need doing.  I've even been getting out the old Polyfilla to fill in cracks and crannies round the house and keeping very calm."

Yasmin says she will join her husband on part of Duran Duran's British tour.  She adds: "Simon has been away on his world tour and I've been flying out to see him around the world.  Touring is very strenuous.  They have to go to all sorts of places like Taiwan which aren't always very pleasant to stay in.  I'll be visiting Simon on various parts of the British tour but I don't know yet how many places I can go to.

"We like to spend a lot of time together and help each other out.  He has been wonderful to me.  He spoils me rotten and makes sure I have everything I need.  He has been fussing over me tremendously.

"Simon can't wait for our baby to be born.  He has been getting very broody.  I know he will make a fabulous father.  He is just such a caring and responsible person.

"When Simon is writing songs it is a very vulnerable time for him and he likes to test out his material.  Because I'm closest to him, he always asks me first what I think of his new songs.  I give him my honest opinion and he listens to what I say.  I suppose it's the same with a lot of other writers and their wives.

"You build a very special relationship.  We are very much in love."

Millionaire Simon says, "I want my baby to go with me everywhere, even on tour.  I don't really mind whether he's a boy or girl, but if pushed, I'd say I'd rather have a baby girl."

Yasmin has set herself a routine of regular exercise and healthy eating throughout her pregnancy.  The half-Iranian model mum-to-be says: "I've been resting but I haven't been completely lazy.  I exercise, but nothing too strenuous.  I swim every day, which is one of the best ways to keep fit.  Being pregnant doesn't mean you should give up all activity.

"I also believe it is very silly to diet while you are pregnant.  But it is equally silly to overeat.  I eat fish, beans, and mushrooms to keep healthy and make sure I give myself and the baby enough protein and fibre.  I'm looking after us both very carefully."