Style At Every Age
Red June 2008

interview: Molly Gunn


Red's cover girl Yasmin Le Bon is one of modelling's best-known faces.  The 43 year old owes her striking looks to her Iranian father and English mother.  Married to Simon Le Bon since 1985, the couple live in South West London with their children, Amber, Saffron, and Tallulah.

Describe your style.
Comfortable and eclectic - I can be quite scruffy but, sometimes, I'll dress glamorously just for the hell of it. I enjoy high necklines and long cuts.  I probably should have been born in a different era, as I'd happily breeze around in a long dress all day. 

When did you last dress up 'for the hell of it'?
A few weeks ago.  I went to the airport in a pair of high black Roger Vivier shoes.  They had a big rose on the front and were completely impractical for pulling luggage on moving walkways, but I loved wearing them. 

Is fashion important to you?
People sometimes think that people who take fashion seriously are shallow, but I think it's a shame.  Fashion is to do with expressing yourself and your mood.  Sometimes, your outfit can let others know how your feeling, when it's difficult to articulate.

Any teenage fashion memories?
It was the 1970s and I was into David Bowie and The Clash.  I had no money so I rummage at jumble sales and buy a bag full of clothes for 50p, then alter them myself.  I also spent a lot of time in my teens wearing my grandfather's gardening trousers and a 'flasher' mac of my father's.

Name your greatest style moments.
I wore a strapless flesh coloured, crepe dress with a bustle at the back for a friend's wedding.  I bought the dress at a vintage fair and it fit perfectly.  I've also rocked some great Duran Duran T-shirts backstage at the band's concerts.

How was your style developed in your forties?
I've learned not to wear a few things - like a gorgeous top I saw recently that had a frumpy neckline.  in my twenties, I loved wearing what I called 'old lady' clothes, but now I look like a granny in them, so I steer clear.  I don't wear short or tight things, although that might change.

What's your shopping vice?
Manolo Blahniks.  I own too many pairs to count.  The shoes are well made, beautiful and the designs are slightly unexpected.  I never throw away my Manolos - unless I've trashed them - as the styles come back in.

Which styles should all women own?
A couple of great coats and a brilliant black day dress.  Sounds boring, but you'll wear it out and, if it's right, it'll never fail you.  Also a pair of Manolos!

What do you pack for the holidays?
I always take the same thin, thin cashmere jumpers for covering up in the evenings, when it gets chilly, and huge T-shirts in super-fine cotton, which I throw over bikinis.

What fashion tips can you share?
Keep an open mind and don't discount a style if you think it doesn't suit you - different designers cut things in different ways.  Also, have the things altered if they're not quite right.  Pulling the straps up, or pinching the fabric in here or there, can make a huge difference. 

Who is your style icon?
Right now, Genevieve Hoberman, an interior designer friend, who's always beautifully turned out - so inventive and stylish.