Yasmin and Simon Le Bon
People 3-9 May 1992

interview: Danae Brook


Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon may be one of the world's most famous earth mothers but there's one surprising thing she doesn't think has to be all natural - childbirth.  This is just as well because she and her pop star husband Simon Le Bon, of Duranduran, want four more brothers or sisters for their two daughters.

After giving birth to second daughter Saffron last September, 29 year old Yasmin was back at work within two weeks.  And breast-feeding was kept at a minimum for the mum of ten days: "I was booked for the fashion collections," she explains.

"No one gives you a medal after your child is born.  If you do it without drugs, for instance, your child doesn't thank you.  Nobody thinks any more of you for giving birth 'naturally.'  I researched it a lot.  Yes, taking drugs does have an effect on the baby, but not for the rest of its life.

"With my first daughter, Amber Rose, I knew nothing about childbirth and I went into a fever.  I hadn't gone to classes and I hadn't read much.  I just thought: 'These hospital people are experts.  I'll let them tell me what to do.'  Directly after the waters broke I started to feel bad and developed a temperature.

"Amber was actually born with an infection that drained me terribly, too.  I was told later that she was only moments away from being in real trouble - so they used forceps.

"The second time's different because you know more about what's happening and it's not so worrying.  I just had a bit of gas and air and I knew how to breathe and relax, you learn that as a model.  It's common sense, and it's instinctive.  You know how to have a baby!"

With Amber, now two, Yasmin went through most of her labour without painkillers.  Then she had an epidural infection to numb the feeling of the contractions.  For Saffron's birth, she was fully awake and aware - and Simon was there to hold her hand.

To enable Yasmin to fulfil her busy schedule, Simon's mother helps with the babysitting.  "I have to have some help," she admits.  Although Simon cooks, and is great with the children, he also continues to pursue his music career.  "He is the disciplined one who takes vitamins every morning and works out in the gym," she says.

Yasmin says she had to sacrifice motherhood to pay the bills.  "When we moved into our new home in Putney, which is the house I want to live in for the rest of my life, I moved the whole family in on Christmas Eve.  I was up all night scrubbing but now I am completely happy, even though there's no furniture and I had to buy ten bean bags to sit on."

She adds: "I work as an investment for my children's future.  This is for their education and I will do it for as long as people want me."


When Yasmin was pregnant with Amber her skin suffered.  To regain the proper pH balance, she tried to eat more carefully - "leafy green vegetables, not too much sugar."  She endorses Pure and Simple, the absolutely pure (and simple) skin care range she advertises on TV, and she uses it at home.  "I would never publicise a product I didn't believe in," she says.

She is a natural girl, and will always go for something with as few chemicals as possible.  One of her favourites is Culpepper's Marigold Hand Lotion, which she uses on her hands and carries with her in her model bag.

A favourite cosmetic range for use in front of the camera is the new Japanese import Shu Uemura.  "When I'm at home I deliberately wear no make-up, but I always use a moisturiser," she says.  "You need a barrier against pollution, which is why some people wear foundation all the time.  Some of the new ones have protector factors against sun, wind and air pollution.

"To look after my skin I use a range of hand-made products, produced by beauty therapist Jo Malone and her mother Eileen.  They are based in Battersea and give face massages as well as making the chemical-free creams themselves.  The all-natural raw ingredients last a long time.  Where one pot of a commercial cream lasts three weeks, Jo's last nine!

"When I can, I treat myself to a face massage at Jo's - she uses a lot of different creams and I take some away with me.  I've been going to her for four years.

"I don't go to exercise classes - tidying up after the children is enough to keep anyone slim.  But I find I can't eat just anything I want to.  If modelling wasn't my living, I wouldn't have to be so careful.  I do everything in moderation, and listen to my body.  You can tell if you have an allergic reaction, but I think fanaticism is more unhealthy than anything else.

"For my hair, I go to Nicky Clarke's London salon.  He keeps my hair in good shape through regular cutting - it gets so dry and it came out in handfuls after I had Amber.  His own transluscent vegetable dyes help it look glossy because they coat the hairs with a rich colour."