Yasmin La Belle!
19 summer or autumn 1988

author: unknown


Yasmin Le Bon - top model, face of the Eighties, rich, successful and happily married to Simon.  At 23, she really does have the world at her feet...

When your face can command a cool 4,000 a day, and your husband is one of pop's mega-stars, people might think you expect star treatment from morning till night.

Not so with Yasmin Le Bon, one of the most beautiful faces of our time.  After gracing too many magazine covers to mention, Yasmin still shuns publicity and prefers to lead a quiet life with her husband Simon Le Bon and keep a cool head.

Workmates describe her as the ultimate professional.  Always on time for assignments, whether in New York, London, Paris or Milan, she's a pleasure to work with.  Up at 5.00am to catch the light in some exotic location or working through the night in a cold dark studio trying to get the perfect shot.  At 23, Yasmin has travelled the world.  Taking a plane must be like catching the 73 bus, but only a few years ago she was working in the fashion department of a local Oxford store.

Although she's been called the most beautiful girl in the world, modelling wasn't always the first thing on her mind.  Her Iranian father is a college lecturer in Oxford - her home town - and Yasmin still has plans to continue her studying; probably to do a degree in History when she can take the time out from her job.

The move into modelling came when a local agency spotted her and she began doing fashion shows for boutiques.  Most of her work in those days came from hand modelling for watch and jewellery companies - it's hard to believe now that in those days her fingernails were her most bankable feature!

Any girl serious about modelling has to try her luck with one of the big London agencies.  Yasmin went to one of the country's top agencies, Models One.  They immediately realised her potential and soon had her working for glossy mags like Vogue and Elle; top photographers were soon lining up to capture her unique looks on film.  In a short time, she became one of the country's top models and was hailed as The Face of the Eighties.  Now top designers clamour to have her on their catwalks and she models the collections of Azzedine Alaia, Chanel and Alistair Blair.  Her fortune goes hand in hand with the fact that her looks are so versatile - a definite asset for any model.  Sleek brown hair that can look sophisticated in a smooth chignon or cute in a ponytail; a face with perfect skin - a canvas on which to create different looks.  With a naturally streamlined figure and just the right amount of curves, she not only looks great in a T-shirt and jeans but glamorous in a frothy brocade ballgown.  Yasmin told 19 that she keeps her trim, 5ft9in, 34-25-36 figure by eating healthily - she is a vegetarian and makes sure her diet balances protein, vitamins and other essentials.  She has just managed to give up smoking and only drinks on special occasions.

Her skin is kept clear by scrupulous cleansing and she wears no make-up away from work.  Yasmin is one of those enviable girls who doesn't need to exercise - she steers clear of gyms and aerobic classes and claims the closest she gets to anything sporty is watching motor racing on the telly!  She loves her job and says she could never choose between photographic modelling or catwalk shows and feels that one complements the other.  But she does admit that you can't beat the instant reaction when you emerge on the catwalk of a packed Paris show wearing a fabulous creation that dreams are made of.

Being surrounded by beautiful clothes and beautiful people has naturally made her more glamorous in her private life, and her wardrobe now contains the curvy clothes of Azzedine Alaia, dramatic dresses from English master Antony Price and clean-cut classics from Calvin Klein.  She does however have her own instinctive style.  She is never overdressed, preferring to keep things simple with only one or two accessories and always manages to look relaxed and uncontrived.  She's most often seen in something classic and black.

It isn't just Yasmin's stunning looks which have made her into The Face of The Eighties.  Photographers and stylists never fail to comment on her professionalism, stamina and commitment.  One photographer said how hard it was to keep up with her on shoots: "She's incredibly energetic and moves around so much."  Another claims that of the hundreds of gorgeous photos taken of her, none have ever captured her real beauty: "She really is perfect."  It's almost too much to bear that a girl with so much going for her should also be known and respected for her intelligence and "very mature, very down-to-earth" personality.  This is no pretty, empty-headed bimbo, but a strong, sensitive, successful and intelligent woman.  Not just the Face, but the ultimate role model for the Eighties.