5 Minutes With...
Madison June 2006

interview: uncredited


We chat to Yasmin Le Bon, the face of Biofirm Lift by Biotherm, about how she looks so amazing after two decades of modelling and three children.

What is your vision of beauty?
"My approach to beauty is a holistic one - it comes from within.  The beauty of life is finding the balance between peace and passion."

What is your beauty secret?
"To keep smiling and remind myself every cloud has a silver lining."

How do you keep fit?
"Having a strong body has always been important to me.  I'm too competitive for yoga, but I do pilates and martial arts.  I don't believe in extremes - the thought of denying myself chocalate or red wine is, well, almost painful."

What's your beauty routine?
"It's simple; cleanse, tone, moisturize.  Beauty is how you make yourself feel good - whether that is treating yourself to a new face cream or learning to salsa dance.  You have to find a moment that is purely you."