Yasmin Le Bon: A Model of Female Success
Irish Independent 28 October 2006

interview: uncredited


Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon was back in Dublin this week to shoot the 2007 campaign for Newbridge Silverware for the second year running. She is the face of the Co. Kildare company.

I asked her how she juggles family and career. "A lot of the time people think you are far more confident that you actually are, and sometimes you feel guilty about things you have to miss."

The secret, she told me, is being able to prioritise. With her husband rocker Simon Le Bon, she has three daughters who are 12, 15 and 17. "Lots of hormones raining around us. Simon and I try to beat them at their own game, but they just end up laughing at us," said Yasmin.

The modelling industry has totally changed since she started out. "There is now a much bigger turnover of girls. They start much younger, are paid much less and before they know it, it's over for them. It's a very tough business now. There are so many middlemen in the business who take so much out of it."

So would she like her own daughter Amber to follow in her footsteps? "For a start, I wouldn't have any say in it. But really 17 is far too young. Sure, I come across 16 and 17-year-old girls who are so independent, mature and together, but there are so many who aren't."

And the size zero debate? "I actually think that's all been a bit unfair. Clothes for the catwalk were always designed a certain size so that they hang well on the models, and those shows were never for public consumption. They were trade shows for the industry and buyers to adapt to other sizes. But now members of the public are going to those shows and they appear on Fashion TV and MTV, so it's taken out of context."