Gothic Romance
In Style UK October 2006

interview: Sarah Morgan


"You can lose your grip on reality quite easily in this job," says Yasmin Le Bon, 41, with a smile, tweaking the Stephen Jones miniature top hat pinned to her hair.  "Standing in a field in a tutu or strolling down the street with curlers in your hair - it's so famously incongruous, like something from a Fellini film.  I live for those moments."

After more than two decades in the business, Le Bon's enthusiasm for the job hasn't waned - and she's still one of the most sought-after faces in the industry.  Today's shoot takes her straight back to 1985, when she married Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon.

"We were living out of a suitcase," she recalls.  "The only thing I had was a black Azzedine Alaļa number, but the day before the wedding, Simon suddenly got all traditional and said I couldn't wear black.  So I ended up wearing the only thing I could buy on a Boxing Day in Oxford - a beige Benetton jumper dress... I looked so atrocious, I knew he must really love me."

Twenty years on, her face still lights up when she talks about her husband - not to mention their daughters, Amber, 17, Saffron, 15 and Tallulah, 12.  "I've been incredibly lucky with my family and my career," she says.  Any plans for retirement?  "No way.  I know I probably should before I become an embarrassment," she grins.  "But I enjoy it so much, they'll have to drag me away before I quit!"

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