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You! profile
late 1984

Elle's Angels
Elle UK preview issue, September 1985

Duran Duran: In Paris, Simon celebrates his birthday with Yasmin
Paris Match 13 December 1985

Lucky Le Bon!
Sunday Magazine 15 December 1985

Bargain-Hunters Miss Wedding of the Year
The Oxford Star 2 January 1986

Boda sorpresa y secreta de Simon Le Bon
Hola! 16 January 1986

Luna de miel de Simon Le Bon y Yasmin
Hola! early 1986

How To Kiss Away a Fortune
Elle UK April 1986

Mr & Mrs Le Bon
Smash Hits summer 1986

I Married Simon Le Bon
Dolly late 1986

A Very Discreet Girl
Moda May 1987

Yasmin La Belle!
19 summer or autumn 1988

I'll Lose £250,000 To See My Baby Safe
Sun Woman 20 April 1989

First Photographs of Simon and Yasmin Le Bon With Their Newborn Baby Amber Rose
Hello! 9 September 9 1989

Yasmin, La Vie En Rose
Anna 19 October 1989

Exclusive Photographs of Baby Amber Just Four Months Old, We Visit Simon and Yasmin At Home
Hello! 6 January 1990

From Le Blob To Le Bon
Sunday Magazine 18 February 1990

Simon Le Bon: Now I Have A Lover, Amber
Amore 1 March 1990

This Month's Cover Girl
Cosmopolitan US September 1990

Why I'm Helping Other Mothers
Woman 8 April 1991

Yasmin Beat Battle of the Bulge To Become Catwalk Queen
The Weekly News 1 June 1991

Expecting Her Second Baby In October, Yasmin Le Bon Talks About Her Concern For the Future of the World on the Hello! Expedition to the Malaysian Rainforest
Hello! 10 August 1991

Yasmin and Simon Le Bon With Three-Week-Old Saffron and Her Big Sister Amber Rose
Hello! 26 October 1991

What Is the Fringe Benefit?
Sunday Express 12 January 1992

Yasmin and Simon Le Bon
Vogue Pelle March/April 1992

Yasmin's Model-Girl Looks
Hair April/May 1992

Cream of the Crop
Sunday Express 26 April 1992

Six Appeal
People TV 3-9 May 1992

Yasmin Le Bon: International Top Model and Wife of the Vocalist of Duran Duran
Semana Grafica June 1992

My Chocoholism, By Yasmin Le Bon
Sunday Express 5 July 1992

Yasmin + Simon = Amber and Saffron
Glamour France November 1992

Marella autumn/winter 1995 catalogue

Why I Still Need My Catwalk Cash
Today 20 July 1995

Yasmin's Girls Follow In Her Footsteps
Daily Telegraph 4 September 1995

Yasmin Pulls It Off
Elle UK November 1995

Elle UK November 1995

Chris Evans breakfast show, Radio 1
fall? 1996

Cover Girl
FHM April 1998

Le Bon Life
WM summer 1998

The Woman Who Married Simon Le Bon
Madame Class September 1998

At Home With Yasmin
The M&S Magazine winter 1998

The Bigger Picture
Pink Ribbon 1999

Model's Racy Life On and Off the Catwalk
The Age 16 February 2000

Le Bon Life
Who 28 February 2000

Yasmin Le Bon Q&A: Fashion Icon Talks F1
Autosport spring? 2000

Dialogue: Veruschka and Yasmin Le Bon
Vogue Australia May 2000

Shine On Superwoman
Shine June 2000

Why I'll Never Give Up My Modelling Career
Daily Express Micro Edition 24 September 2000

Mama Is the Star
Vogue Germany November 2000

An Interview With Yasmin Le Bon 6 November 2000

Yasmin's Going To Keep On Dazzling
Daily Express 14 December 2000

Yasmin La Belle
Harpers & Queen May 2001

At 36, Le Bon's Back In a Bikini for M&S
The Mirror 13 June 2001

Forever Young: Yasmin Le Bon
Autowoman autumn 2001

Still Super
Red February 2003

Yasmin Le Bon
Eurowoman April 2004

Wonderful Yasmin
Luna May 2004

Elle US Bloomingdale's supplement October 2005

Yasmin Admits To a Charmed Life
Daily Express 14 December 2005

The Diva Shows Her Secret Side
Irish Independent 25 December 2005

Girl On Film
Irish Tatler March 2006

5 Minutes With...
Madison June 2006

Le Bon Vie
Pacha July 2006

Still Famous
Prestige Hong Kong July 2006

First Lady
Elle UK October 2006

Gothic Romance
In Style UK October 2006

Yasmin Le Bon: A Model of Female Success
Irish Independent 28 October 2006

Yasmin Le Bon: A Top Model In Her 40's
Telva January 2007

Where Is Your Wild Rock Star Husband?  Home With Our New Puppy, Says Yasmin
Irish Daily Mail 22 January 2007

The Finer Details
Irish Tatler March 2007

The Best of Both Worlds: Yasmin Le Bon
View of the Times spring/summer 2007

I'll Be Packing...
High Life April 2007

People Watch
Harpers Bazaar UK June 2007

How To Dress... By the Women Who Know
Red June 2007

Cover Stars: Stylefile
Vogue UK July 2007

Yasmin Is Sticking To What She's Good At
Daily Mail 23 October 2007

In the Bathroom With...
Vogue Beauty Germany January 2008

Princess Yasmin Le Bon
Vogue Gioiello January/February 2008

Girls On Film
Irish Tatler spring? 2008

A Super Model
If Fashion & Beauty spring? 2008

Mille e una notte
Vanity Fair Italy 2 April 2008

Style At Every Age
Red June 2008

Model Decades
Vogue US August 2008

My Beauty Secrets: Yasmin Le Bon
Sunday Mirror 12 September 2008

Yasmin C'est Bon
Tank vol. 5 issue 5 2008

Behind the Scenes With Yasmin
House of Fraser Magazine autumn/winter 2008

Yasmin Le Don
Henna winter 2008

Yasmin Le Bon
Love spring/summer 2009

Harpers Bazaar UK July 2009

Little Black Book: Secret Addresses From Stylish People
Stella 23 August 2009

Model Citizen
Style 23 August 2009

Happy Birthday London Fashion Week
In Style UK September 2009

Age of Elegance
Guardian Weekend 5 September 2009

Hot Stories: Yasmin Le Bon for Wallis
Grazia UK 21 September 2009

Yasmin's World
Hello 14 September 2009

My Supermodel Style Secrets
Now 21 September 2009

Yasmin Le Bon: A Supermodel Looks Back on the 25th Anniversary of London Fashion Week 25 September 2009

Le Bon Chance
Easy Living October 2009

What Really Matters To... Yasmin Le Bon
Good Housekeeping October 2009

My Soulmate
Woman & Home October 2009

Vogue Paris October 2009

Living the Frock 'n' Roll Lifestyle
Sunday Times Magazine 18 October 2009

Supermodel, Style Icon, Wardrobe Saviour
Red January 2010

Forever In Fashion
Stylist 24 March 2010

It's Just Love
Vogue Spain April 2010

Yasmin Le Bon: My Life Away From the Catwalk
Times Online 29 April 2010

Sempre al top (da 30 anni)
D Magazine 8 May 2010

Sands of Time
Harpers Bazaar UK January 2011

Visto che funziona?
Vanity Fair Italy 8 January 2011

Why Don't You...?
Harper's Bazaar UK March 2011

Like an Angel
Harpers Bazaar India April 2011

What's In Your Handbag?
In Style UK April 2011

A Model Friendship
Australian Sunday Mail 8 May 2011

Beauties Still Besties
S Sun Herald Sydney 8 May  2011

Iconic Body: Yasmin Le Bon
Harper's Bazaar UK June 2011

Yasmin & Gail
Harper's Bazaar Australia June/July 2011

All You Need Is Now
Russh June/July 2011

La musa del rock
Telva July 2011

The Icon
Emirates Woman September 2011

Island Girls
Harpers Bazaar Australia September 2011

I Have Promises To Keep
Harpers Bazaar India September 2011

The World of Yasmin Le Bon
London Telegraph 21 October 2011

How We Met: Yasmin Le Bon and Maria Grachvogel
The Independent 23 October 2011

Vogue Germany November 2011

Yasmin Le Bon on the Duran Duran video, her dream campaign & unexciting editorials!
Grazia UK 9 November 2011

Duran Duran and the Supermodels
Hello! 21 November 2011

Gone To the Dogs
Country & Town House December 2011

Girls On Film
Harper's Bazaar UK December 2011

Vroom With a View
Vogue US December 2011

Y viveron felices
Vogue Spain March 2012

Confessions of Yummy Yasmin
Easy Living April 2012

Rites of Beauty: Yasmin Le Bon
The Telegraph 29 July 2012

Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon Shows Us What's In Her Makeup Bag
Grazia 1 August 2012

Yasmin Le Bon
Corduroy issue 10 (winter 2012)

Yasmin and Amber Le Bon Talk Of Their Unique Bond As They Set Off On an Exotic Adventure
Hello! 11 March 2013

Yasmin and Amber Le Bon Reveal How Fashion Is Helping To Empower Young Women
Hello! 1 April 2013

Yasmin Parvaneh Le Bon
Man About Town spring/summer 2013

David Downton Interviews His Famous Subjects 29 May 2013

Mille Miglia Diary 30 May 2013

Queen of Everything
Stylist 5 June 2013

Ponystep spring/summer 2013

The Thrill of the Open Road 24 June 2013

Instinto Rock
S Moda 24 August 2013

Yasmin C'est Bon!
Elle Spain October 2013

How Modelling Has Changed 16 October 2013

Super Natural
Red November 2013

Yasmin Le Bon passe au blond
Elle France 3 January 2014

Yasmin: Forever Super
Clique issue 3 (March 2014)

Eine Gute Zeit
Madame Germany September 2014

Kindness is Key in the Fashion World
Gulf News Tabloid 7 October 2014

Fashion Forward Wraps Up
The National 8 October 2014

Happy birthday, Yasmin Le Bon. You're our new poster girl!
High50 24 October 2014

On Her 50th Birthday, Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon Remembers Her First Shoot in Vogue 29 October 2014

Fit at 50! Yasmin Le Bon's beauty secrets revealed as she celebrates landmark birthday 29 October 2014

"Das Geheimnis meiner Beziehung? Mein schlechtes Gedächtnis!" 16 March 2015

Vintage Vignettes
Harper's Bazaar Bride India April 2015

Yasmin Le Bon's Beauty Dos and Don'ts 26 May 2015

Yasmin Le Bon On Why Being 50 Is Awesome 18 June 2015

Perfect Model
Goodwood Magazine summer 2015

About Last Night: My Dinner with Yasmin and Simon Le Bon 18 June 2015

Here Come the Girls
Red July 2015

Life Through a Lens
Stylist Arabia 15 September 2015

Supermodel Mother Yasmin Le Bon Talks Exclusively To Us...
Hello! Middle East 2 December 2015

Yasmin Le Bon: "I'm unphotogenic and can't do holiday snaps"
The Telegraph 3 February 2016

Le Bon
#Legend April 2016

My London
ES Magazine 1 April 2016

Ageing Is Not Fun.  I'm Not Well-Preserved, I'm Pickled.
Times Weekend 4 June 2016

Yasmin Le Bon: The Dream Life of an Icon
Madame Figaro 17 June 2016

Yasmin Le Bon: "51 Sounds So Old! I Actually Feel About 23." 5 July 2016

Yasmin Le Bon shares her looking-good secrets
The Telegraph 28 July 2016

A Layer of Glamour
Vogue Italy September 2016

Intervista a Yasmin e Amber Le Bon, le nuove testimonial della campagna Sisley 6 September 2016

Yasmin e Amber Le Bon per Sisley: cinque domande in cinque minuti 7 September 2016

Amber Le Bon: «Pesco nell’armadio di mamma. E lo fa anche papà»
Corriere Della Sera 7 September 2016

Golden Girls
Star Chic 10 September 2016

I'm 51. I Don't Look In the Mirror
The Times Magazine 18 September 2016

Yasmin Le Bon Defends London Fashion Week Models Against Skinny Shaming
Huffington Post UK 19 September 2016

Yasmin Le Bon on her new Winser London collection (and how her daughters steal her clothes)
Country & Town House 19 September 2016

Style Agenda: Yasmin Le Bon Interview 30 September 2016

Yasmin Bonne Mine (in Italian)
Gioia! 15 October 2016

I Was Pushed Over the Edge... It Was a Breakdown
You Magazine 23 October 2016

Icon Crush: Yasmin Le Bon
Irish Tatler November 2016

Bon Marché
Absolutely Magazine November 2016

Look Up, Look Out & Shine Like a Diamond
Future Dreams magazine autumn 2016

Q & A for Y & A (in Chinese)
Harper's Bazaar Taiwan December 2016

D'Scene winter 2016

Tali Cinta: Yasmin & Amber
Harper's Bazaar Indonesia February 2017

The Le Bon Look
T2 on Sunday supplement of Telegraph India 24 February 2017

Le Bon Girls
Vanity Fair Italy 1 March 2017

Beauty All Around
You & I Magazine April 2017