A Super Model
If Fashion & Beauty spring? 2008

interview: Cathy Martin


YASMIN LE BON, model/wife of Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon, is the new face of House of Fraser. On a recent trip to Belfast, Cathy Martin caught up with the model, mother, and all-round lady, to talk fashion, family and the future.

CM: When you started your career as a model did you think you'd still be gracing catwalks worldwide at the age of 43?

YLB: My job is like a drug for me, I thrive on it! I feel 18 on the inside and I am still getting plenty of job offers, so there is no need for me to stop. I find that when Iím on the catwalk Iím giving something back, I thoroughly enjoy it and Iím so grateful to still be doing what I love after so many years.

CM: You obviously wear the latest fashion for work, but describe your own style.

YLB: Iím not a naturally glamorous woman, simplicity is what works for me. My style mantra is Ďdoes it make me look fat, or not?í Simple as that. I think we all need to feel confident in what we arewearing rather than worry about how our clothes look. Fashion should be joyful,clothes are fun, and you shouldn'tít be afraid to experiment with what you wear. I loveskinny jeans, but thatís because Iíve always been a bit of a rock chick, not just because theyíre the Ďiní thing to wear. I donít have a clear cut style for home, but ease andcomfort are primary to me. I have clothes from Yves Saint Laurent and Alberta Ferretti which I feel comfortable in and are my Ďsafe optionsí, I would love to dress up more, but I donít have the time, energy or budget! These days I do have to think twice about throwing on my tight Azzedine Alaia dresses, but I donít do trends for whatever occasion Iím dressing.

CM: What fashion labels do you tend to buy?

YLB: Everything at House of Fraser of course! And other must-haves include Chloť, Temperley, Manolo Blahnik and Topshop Boutique Ė you can get amazing dresses in there.

CM: Do you use a stylist?

YLB: I like working with stylists for shoots and things, but these days I tend to give my opinion before and during shoots. Out of work, I pretty much choose everything I wear myself, as Iím confident that I know what suits me.

CM: Are you a beauty ritual kind of lady?

YLB: Yes, and all women should be! I firmly believe from the age of 13 all ladies should moisturize, moisturize and moisturize again! My daughters have followed me in this ritual, it really is what keeps your face young Ė believe me, I should know with the amount of this, that and the other that has been on my face over the years!

CM: How do you keep yourself 'fresh' when there are so many new and desirable faces emerging in the modeling industry?

YLB: They say confidence  comes with age, but I think in this business itís the opposite! This industry keeps me on my toes, itís very daunting for someone like me who doesnít really want or crave to do anything else (at the moment anyway) having new faces emerging every year. Iím very lucky to be where I am today, people are still offering me plenty of work, but I definitely feel more vulnerable now than I did when I was 20, but that is just the nature of this industry.

CM: Do you diet? Or have a food ritual?

YLB: I donít diet per say, but I do always try to eat healthily and encourage my girls to do so too. My eldest girls are away at boarding school and I have a housekeeper, however when the girls return home there is often a slight dismay that I havenít got a full fridge. Iím not exactly the best cook either, but thankfully Simon makes up for it where I lack.

CM: A busy modeling career, three children to raise and a husband who is a notable musician, what's the secret of success when it comes to your marriage?

YLB: I got married when I was 21, which was very young, but I just couldn't resist Simon! Weíve been married for 22 years now. We werenít living on top of each other in the beginning, in fact it was quite the opposite, with both of us having extremely busy careers. Life was insane but it kept us crazily in love with one another. Simon keeps me happy and grounded, he doesnít fluff things up for me. Weíre a very normal, laid back family and I have chaotic moments just like any other mother and wife, but we like it that way.

CM: And the future?

YLB: I donít want to plan too much because Iíd rather be surprised by life and take it as it comes. Iím still happy and enjoying modelling while I can, so it would be difficult to give it up just yet.