I'll Be Packing...
High Life April 2007

interview: Martha Ward

Having graced more than 200 magazine covers, Yasmin Le Bon has travelled extensively.  "Ten years ago I was flying six times a week for work, generally short trips to Paris, Milan and New York."   Now her travel is more relaxing, and recent holidays have included Ibiza, Parrot Cay and sailing school in Menorca.  "I love flying.  One of the best things about travelling is being able to sit down and read or catch up on movies.  I hardly ever sleep on planes."  And her travel wish this year?  "India, Chile and Mongolia."

I always take magazines with me.  Although I love Vogue, my absolute favorites are Classic & Sports Car magazine - I've always been a petrol-head - and New Scientist.

I rarely check bags in and instead use this Loewe bag as hand luggage, since it fits perfectly into overhead lockers. Years of carrying heavy hand luggage has taken a toll and I have developed orang-utan arms!

I've been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators since I was 15.  I've got lots of pairs that come with me on my travels.  I buy them in Los Angeles.

I never travel without a book.  I'm reading Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson.  It's about the Age of Enlightenment and is fascinating.