Yasmin's Model-Girl Looks
Hair April/May 1992

interview: Vanessa Feltz


Toni and Guy chose Yasmin as the face to front their latest media campaign entirely because of her natural, relaxed appearance.  Explains Creative Director Anthony Mascolo: Yasmin's hair is totally straightforward.  Utterly simple.  It's just one length all over.  A classic.  She works very closely with Guido, Toni & Guy's session stylist.  He so admires the great condition and complete flexibility of her hair that he suggested using her for our advertising.  She represents the key to 1992's hairdressing.  In the 80's hairstyles were becoming so outrageous and so dramatically detailed that hair ended up clashing with clothes.  Instead of complimenting each other, hair and fashion were working against each other.  Yasmin Le Bon realizes that hair is a fashion accessory, it doesn't matter how different the Collection she models in the morning is from the one in the afternoon her hair looks exactly right. 

Be warned though, if you fancy the Yasmin Le Bon center parted straight style you could be heading for disaster.  Explains Anthony: "If you're beautiful as Yasmin Le Bon, let's face it you can get away with any style.  Having said that, the center parting can be tough to get away with.  It tends to pull the face down.  Of course, it also gives height to the forehead and most women need a little lift there for a flattering look. A center parted style takes confidence to carry off effectively.  On the other hand, hair cut in a middle parting is much more adaptable than hair cut specifically in a side parted style.  You can wear it on the side.  You can brush it back.  And with a bit of backcombing, you can go for the slightly'50s look, with lots of volume which the media are going mad for at the moment."

Colour Change
While she was pregnant with Saffron, Yasmin colored her naturally dark brown hair black.  Her explanation?  Boredom! Says Yasmin: When you work in my profession you get used to someone else brushing your hair every day, someone else paying that much attention to your head.  I'm constantly touched all day long.  When you're working it bugs you being touched that much, but when it stops, you miss it.  It's the attention you miss.  Having my hair dyed was an excuse to go to a hairdressing salon and get all that attention.  When I was pregnant with our elder daughter Amber, now two, I permed my hair - again boredom."

Keeping Slim
You might suppose that Yasmin spends hours at the gym manically working out.  Wrong!  She confesses: " I don't have time for exercise, I was never really a fit person.  Simon took me to the gym a week after the baby was born and I sat on a bicycle machine for about 5 minutes and nearly passed out."  So how does she look so slim only weeks after giving birth?  "When I was pregnant with Amber I was twice the size.  This time, running after a Amber kept the weight off.  And in the last two months of pregnancy, it dawned on me that I only had two weeks to get it together after I had the baby before I started working in the last two months, I probably lost some weight.  But it's not all off, the hips are still sticking out."

Skin Care
When it comes to maintaining her perfect complexion, Yasmin sticks to the company whose products she is happy to endorse.  Pure and Simple.  Says a spokesman: "Today's modern women prefer the practical, no fuss approach to looking good, using products that contain only non-animal derived essential ingredients.  Yasmin Le Bon is certainly no exception.  Her flawless skin is  a testament to the benefits of deep cleansing and toning."  Yasmin's association with Pure and Simple proved conclusively that she doesn't go in for the expensive designer products just for the heck of it.  Pure and Simple Deep Cleansing Lotion costs only 2.79 and their light moisturizing lotion just 3.29.

Rest is Important
Far from being a money-no-object jet setter, Yasmin is a cost conscious 27-year-old mother of two, with both feet on the ground.  "A lot of people seem to think that modelling is a hobby of mine, but I could think of more worthwhile hobbies.  It's my living.  While I've got mouths to feed,  I will carry on working, like the rest of the planet."  Yasmin's most important recipe for keeping at the top of her profession is to get enough sleep:  "The problem is that because I have to work, and I have to look good at work - I have a job where I can't look hideous, it is really important for me to rest when I'm not working.  I come home and have a nice hot bath and go to bed early.  I don't go out, I don't drink much alcohol.  Sound boring?  Come off it.  Snuggling up for an early night with Simon Le Bon must have some advantages."