Fit at 50! Yasmin Le Bon's beauty secrets revealed as she celebrates landmark birthday 29 October 2014

interview: Sarah Barns

SHE was one of the highest earning models of the Eighties, has mothered three children and is still a permanent fixture on the fashion scene, but Yasmin Le Bon doesn't appear to have aged a day!

Yasmin Le Bon is one of Britain's top supermodels thanks to her flawless natural beauty and long, lean physique. 

And the Oxford-born stunner, who is celebrating her 50th birthday today, still looks as fresh-faced and youthful as she did in the Eighties.

Clearly not letting age define her, Yasmine, who has worked for the likes of Versace, Chanel, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein, continues to front high profile fashion campaigns. 

And she juggles her blossoming career with family commitments.

Yasmin has been happily married to Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon for 29 years and the pair have three gorgeous children, Amber, Saffron and Tallulah.

As we celebrate the stunner's half a century, we steal her top ten beauty commandments.

1. On her idea of beauty: “For me beauty is about a certain type of innocence, a kindness.”

2. On her best kept beauty secret: “It’s Simon. Being happy and having affection and human contact in your life is the best beauty remedy there is.”

3. On going make-up free: “I do it all the time and I’m currently working hard to rectify this and be more glamorous!”

4. On her skincare regime: “I find applying my skincare quite ritualistic.  It’s a luxurious time that you have all to yourself.”

5. On her must-have beauty products: "I love the amazing Embryolisse Moisturiser, L’Occitane’s brilliant Immortelle Precious Cream and Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream."

6. On her new beauty tricks: "I've only recently discovered water and sleep!"

7. On revamping her look: "Change puts a little bounce in your step. I've cut off all my hair and dyed it blonde. I've completely bleached my eyebrows. If you look at yourself in a different way, you start to look at the world in a different way."

8. On going grey: "I popped out my first daughter when I was 24, and gray hairs appeared the next day. I get a shine treatment every few weeks and stay on top of the color. I get depressed when I start seeing that halo of grey."

9. On staying wrinkle-free: “It’s simple, it’s just DNA. You take care of yourself, you try as hard as you can to do the right things but the most important thing is to enjoy your life. How you feel inside kicks off the hormones that make your skin look good.”

10. On finding a signature scent: "My favourite fragrance at the moment is 24 Faubourg by Hermès, – it’s very classic and feminine. I was also lucky enough to have a beautiful bespoke perfume made by Susanne Lang, which was the ultimate luxury."