Yasmin's Girls Follow In Her Footsteps
Daily Telegraph 4 September 1995

interview: unknown


The advice was firm but friendly as supermodel Yasmin Le Bon put her three daughters through their first full-scale modelling session.  "Remember to hang up the clothes when you're finished, they don't belong to you," she told Amber, six.  "Now, put this on, remember, we're all working" - to Saffron, nearly four.  Meanwhile, Tallulah, a year old this month, was lost in contemplation of her sole.

Yasmin is determined her girls will not grow up precocious and uncaring.  "I couldn't bare the thought of having spoilt children; they couldn't be friends."

She has a weakness for shoes and thinks she has already passed it on to her two eldest.  "They're more into shoes and bags than dresses."  Amber - "she's like me" and Saffron - "she's got Simon's legs" - are in line to inherit a fantastic collection when they grow up.

In the meantime, Yasmin keeps them in step with Buckle My Shoe.  "They have a great selection.  I like them and so do the girls.  And they take great care to ensure the fittings are correct.  I spent so much time when I was first modelling, trying to cram my feet into shoes that were way too small.  I'm really hot on making sure it doesn't happen to my daughters."

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