Yasmin Is Sticking To What She's Good At
Daily Mail 23 October 2007

While Kate Moss designs clothes, Naomi Campbell hosts charity shows and Sophie Dahl writes books, fellow model Yasmin Le Bon tells me her earnings days may be drawing to an end.  After a glittering career spanning three decades in which she became one of the best paid supermodels for her work with Armani, Chanel and Dior, the stunning Yasmin, who turns 43 next week, admits she doesn't have the know how to forge a career away from the catwalk.  'I thought of designing a clothes range like Kate has,' says Yasmin, who has three teenage children with her Duran singer husband Simon.  'I thought of it years ago but I'm a model, not a businesswoman.  I love fashion, but I don't know anything about that side of the business - so I don't see it happening.  I'll probably never make another penny!'