Yasmin Le Bon Q&A: Fashion Icon Talks F1
Autosport 2000

interview: Adam Cooper

Celebrity racing fans don’t come more dedicated than supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. While a lot of famous faces turn up in the Grand Prix paddock over the course of the season, few can claim to be as knowledgeable and enthusiastic; she has been reading Autosport every week since she was a teenager, and is a close friend of Paul and Jackie Stewart. With husband Simon busy on Duran Duran’s current American tour, mother-of-three Yasmin made her first GP appearance of the year at Hockenheim, as a guest of Jaguar boss Wolfgang Reitzle. Adam Cooper asked her about the weekend.

What did you think of the race?

“The best race of the season so far. What I want to know is who paid the guy in the white polythene coat! It was so exciting – safety cars, nutters, rain, lots of overtaking – you couldn’t ask for more. From a fan’s point of view it was brilliant.”

You obviously know Rubens from his time with Stewart…

“I’m so happy for him, it’s fantastic, he’s such a brilliant driver. It’s about time. I can’t believe it’s taken so long, really.”

You went to the Jaguar launch in January. What do you think of the team’s progress this year?

“Interesting. I’m particularly impressed by the motorhomes, which are vitally important for guests! You can’t expect miracles. Rome wasn’t built in a day. There won’t be a World Championship this year or next year, but I think they’ll be up there.”

Are you supporting Jaguar even though the Stewarts aren’t here?

“I always kind of hedge my bets. I love F1. I’m interested in all the teams – it’s the sport that really interests me. I’m not a one-team girl!”

You obviously brought the team luck this weekend…

“I don’t think I’ll be asked back again!”

What do you think of Eddie Irvine’s dyed hair – speaking as a fashion icon!

“I don’t know about a fashion icon! But I know what he’s trying to get at – I’ve been doing that myself for a long time, so I definitely know where he’s at! But a change is as good as a rest, they say.”

What about the battle for the championship?

“I’m really rooting for DC, I have to admit, and that’s not because he wears a kilt. I think he’s doing extraordinary things this season, and he’s always been a fantastic driver, and it’s great to see it all flourish, really. I think it’s very healthy for the team to have two such fantastic drivers battling it out.”

Will you come to any more races this year?

“I hope so. Indianapolis will be incredibly cool to go to, apart from the fact that I’ve never been to an F1 race in America. It will be interesting to see how it is over there. I would love to get to all the races if I could. But it was bad enough just trying to come here – my kids were giving me the worst look!”